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How to permanently delete your Facebook account

If you are certain you never want to use your Facebook account again, you can follow the steps below to permanently delete your account.

If you would prefer to archive your account temporarily with a view to using it again at some point in the future, you can follow our steps on how to Deactivate you Facebook Account.


Step One

In settings, click on Help and search for, How do I permanently delete my account?

Step Two

Click the Delete my account button.

Step Three

Fill in your password, and the “Captcha” text and click “OK”.

Step Four

Click OK. Pay particular attention to the text regarding a 14 day “cooling off period”. Even though you have elected to permanently delete your account, if you attempt to login within 14 days of initiating the deletion, your account will be re-activated.

Step Five

Lastly, you will be shown a confirmation screen with the date of your final, permanent deletion, (14 days in the future). This screen also has 2 buttons, one to confirm and one to cancel deletion. You will also receive an email with the same details.